Touch controls for mobile games are not always convenient. Perhaps, it is poorly implemented by developers, or maybe your fingers and palms are big enough to use a smartphone for game control. Instead of torturing yourself and your fingers, why not take a closer look at a more traditional and convenient way to control games? You can connect a gamepad to your smartphone or tablet. This is very easy. Moreover, you can use almost any game controller. So, lets’ see how to connect ps4 controller to Android.

There are several solutions for connecting your gadget to the best PS4 controllers 2022, namely via Bluetooth or USB. So, let’s get deeper into the issue.

Plugging the gamepad to Android via USB

The “On-The-Go” technology is designed to connect peripheral equipment and other gadgets to mobile devices. For the Dualshock 4 wired controller to work, you would need an OTG cable (adapter) to plug a gamepad into a smartphone or tablet. As a rule, it is enough to connect the cable, and the smartphone will automatically detect the manipulator. You can find out info about the availability of OTG technology from the technical characteristics of the mobile device or using special software.

Now, let’s find out how to connect ps4 controller to Android without wires.

Pairing a PS4 gamepad with Android via Bluetooth

However, it would be much more convenient to connect a controller on Android without wires, right? If you are using a PS4 gamepad, first, make sure that it is fully charged and your game console is turned off. If you don’t, the gamepad will remain paired with the box, which means you won’t be able to pair it with your Android device.

To connect ps4 controller to Android via USB, follow the guide:

  1. Enter the Bluetooth settings on the smartphone. To do this, swipe down on the screen to open the quick access panel.
  2. Hold down the “PS” and “Share” buttons simultaneously on the gamepad.
  3. When the gamepad is listed in the “Available devices” section, tap on it and confirm pairing.
  4. The gamepad should appear in the “Connected devices” section.

A wireless Bluetooth controller for Android may experience significant latency after connection. And most often this happens on devices with earlier versions of Android. Users on specialized forums suggest solving this problem using the Bluetooth Auto Connect application.

TOP-4 Best Gamepads to Connect to Android

Now, when we know how to use a PS4 controller on Android, let’s make a list of the most suitable models of gamepads for pairing with the regarded OS. Here they are:

1. Sony Official PlayStation 4 Dualshock 4 Controller - Version 2

Sony Official PlayStation 4 Dualshock 4 Controller

This model differs from analogs due to the presence of a touch panel on top, which works like a laptop touchpad, and is used in games and other applications. Plus, it has a built-in gyroscope and accelerometer, which allows users to control games by tilting the gamepad. A big LED on the front is more for playing with the proprietary “Eye” camera that captures this glow. Also, the DualShock 4 has a speaker through which some sounds are played in games.

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2. Microsoft Official Xbox Series X/S Wireless Controller

Microsoft Official Xbox Series X/S Wireless Controller

The upper part is covered with non-staining soft-touch plastic, which is pleasant to touch. Rubber sticks are installed. The crosspiece is hybrid. Clicks are not loud. The A, B, X, and Y buttons are transparent; the letters are molded in different colors. In the very center, there are four buttons: the on/off button of the gamepad and 3 additional keys. This is a wireless model.

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3. Microsoft Official Xbox Series X/S Wireless Controller with PC Adapter - Carbon Black

Microsoft Official Xbox Series X/S Wireless Controller

This is a wireless control controller and adapter from Microsoft for XBOX Series, XBOX One and devices on Windows 10, iOS, and Android. An advanced gamepad is equipped with a modern Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) module and a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. The accessory has excellent ergonomics and is the most popular among other gamepads.

In addition to the controller, the pack includes the XBOX Wireless Adapter USB adapter required to connect and use the controller with laptops, desktops, and tablets running Windows 10 and later.

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4. Nacon Revolution Pro Unlimited PlayStation 4 Controller

Nacon Revolution Pro Unlimited PlayStation 4 Controller Camo Green

This model provides a wireless connection for a distance of up to 7 meters. 1300 mAh battery is designed for battery life of up to 7 hours. The gamepad has a four- or eight-position D-pad with four programmable back buttons. The model is equipped with a 3.5mm headset jack, volume control and microphone mute buttons. The kit comes with a USB-C cable for wired connection, replaceable hats (concave and convex), and a carrying case.

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Now, you know how to pair a ps4 controller to a phone and can choose the most suitable solution for your demands.

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